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Holder NiSi V5 & V5Pro 100mm


 Holder made of aviation aluminium coated with a Matt Black finish

 Compatible with lenses with a filter thread from 49 to 82mm, 
     step-down rings 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm are included in the kit!

 Up to 3 slot-in Filters + the polarizer

 No vignetting up to 16mm with wide angle lenses on Full Frame cameras 

 Kit includes a polarizer, 3 step-down rings (67/72/77)f or th 82mm main
     adaptor,  a leather hard case to protect your V5/V5Pro Holder

 Compatible with filters width 100mm and thickness 2mm





Info about the V5 Holder 100mm


The NiSi 100mm V5 Holder System is the most advanced 100mm filter holder,
2mm thick slots made with unprecedented design quality. The NiSi V5 Holder
allows you to use up to 3 slot-in filters at the same time and a circular polarizer
filter any without vignetting problems. Created by a CNC machine from a single
block, it is coated with a matte black finish to minimise undesirable reflections.
The kit contains the main Holder, 4  rings (67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm)
and a circular 82mm polarizer filter. With the exclusive mechanical retraction
system, you can adjust the polarization without having to remove the filters.
All of that including an hard leather case to safely store it! You can mount the
NiSi V5 holder on any lens you want, in fact, the adapter rings are available
separately from 49mm to 82mm. 


Info about the V5Pro Holder 100mm


The new NiSi V5-PRO Holder System is an evolution of the legendary V5 Holder 

that encloses several enhancements inspired by photographers for photographers!

The kit includes all the accessories included in the Holder V5, as the set of 67mm to

82mm adapter rings, the incredible pro polarizer and the Hard Leather Case,

and includes the following major enhancements:

Easy to mount/remove bulged main adaptor ring for the polarizer, 

ND and GND filters insert simplified with new side pressure clips.

NiSi V5-PRO, the choice of Professionals!

Also available today with the included Landscape Polarizer included!

Choose your V5 & V5Pro 100mm System


                 NiSi V5 Holder                                                  NiSi V5Pro Holder                               NiSi V5Pro Holder NC Polarizer



          NiSi V5 & V5 Pro: Superior quality

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