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NiSi 100mm System Filter Holder

NiSi 100mm Filter Holder System is the most advanced 100mm system ever made with uncompromising construction quality. The NiSi filter holder allows you to use up to three filters at the same time and a polarizer without vignetting on wide-angle lenses. Created from a Computer Numerical Control machine, made of the bestaviation aluminum, the NiSi Holder comes complete with an ultra slim 82mm polarizer and four adapter rings to use it with all the lenses you own (67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm) at no extra cost.

Our special Matte black finish minimises unwanted reflections. With its exclusive design, the polarizer can be rotated by a mechanical wheel placed on the NiSi filter main adaptor, allowing you to change the polarization at any time without having to remove the filters.

The 100mm Filter Holder you were always looking for


Developed in close proximity with professional photographers, the NiSi 100mm filter holder Holder system is compatible with 100mm wide filters (ND 100 x 100 mm)and GND filters (100 x 150 mm). NiSi’s weather resistance makes it the perfect companion for every adventure. Discover all the features of the filter holder by clicking the image on the side!






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